Chat UI & Speech Bubbles system


The Chat UI & Speech Bubbles system pack provides the base means for easily adding a MMO-style in-game communications system (a scrolling rich-text chat box with support for many commands, and a speech bubbles system) to your game. The pack, which is designed for the new Unity UI (UGUI) focuses on providing the user interface and interaction components, and does so in a thoroughly-documented and extensible way, so that you can easily integrate it with your particular framework.

The behavior and look of the components can be modified easily, most of the time through the unity editor itself. Also, the full source code is provided, so that you can check how everything works and modify or extend it as you see fit.

This package does not provide (and it is not intended to) the actual backend system for your chat. That is, it does not provide the chat channels, group channels or private messaging systems. It is designed to provide the user interface for those, which are most often very specific to the game.

General Features
- Implemented with the new Unity UI (UGUI)
- Provided with a conventional, usable look
- Full source code provided
- Well written and commented C# code
- Tries to conform to the current Unity best-practices and to the new Unity UI style

Chat UI
Provides a MMO-style chat box
- Easy to customize (through the standard new UI tools)
- Included (but easy to modify) sample message styles (group chat, spatial chat, private messages)
- Emits chat events which can be listened to through the Unity editor (scripting optional)

Speech Bubbles system
Provides a MMO-style Speech Bubbles system
- Speech Bubbles can be created over any Game Object with a simple call (through a
- Singleton-style Manager class)
- Bubbles do not change size with distance
- Bubbles fade-out smoothly when you get too far or when a certain time elapses
- Out-of-view bubbles can be automatically hidden.
- Size of the Bubbles varies automatically depending on text length (and auto-wraps as needed).